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Peripheral Vascular Institute of Philadelphia

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Read below what our happy patients say about us!

  • My left foot was in constant excruciating pain.  They tried to fix it at the hospital but it didn’t work.  They said a bypass was not an option and that the only next step was amputation.  They prescribed me pain pills and I wound up getting addicted.  It’s a small world, but it turns out my next-door neighbor has a friend that lives in the Poconos who had their leg saved by Dr. McGuckin when he was told there was no other option and his foot would not heal.  I contacted PA Vascular and he was able to see me the same week.  He was able to completely open up the blockages down my entire leg all the way to my foot where I had a bad wound.  My pain relief was literally immediate!  My foot wounds are now healing with the help of my podiatrist as well.  Between these two docs, my leg has been saved.  They are the best!

    - M.D.J.
  • I was not getting a good night’s sleep because I was having to get up to go to the bathroom multiple times overnight.  My doctor sent me to a urologist and I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  My urologist offered me several options for treatment through my penis, including TURP or an ablation, but I did not want the risk.  At PA Vascular, they were able to get to my prostate region and treat it with a wire through my wrist.  I was sitting up on my phone in recovery an hour later and walked right to my car when I was discharged. No catheter needed to be placed in my urethra and two weeks later I am sleeping through the night!  Thanks, Dr. McGuckin!

    - Carmen D.
  • My right knee was very painful from severe osteoarthritis.  I had multiple Cortisone injections but the relief did not really last long.  I wanted to stay active and my orthopedic doctor offered total knee joint replacement but the surgery is a big deal and rehabilitation takes a long time.  Dr. McGuckin treated the inflammation in my knee in about an hour right through an artery in my groin.  It's been a few weeks and now I'm doing great.  I'm active and pain free!

    - Tom K.
  • After several years of surgeries, my former surgeon said it was time for an amputation. Fortunately, I heard about Dr. McGuckin and my new podiatrist, Dr. T. They have helped me greatly. And no amputation.

    - Carol T.
  • I’d recommend Dr. McGuckin to anyone! He was very knowledgeable of my problem and my concerns. He and his team work together perfectly, all knowing their job from prep work, to procedure and recovery. I have had two procedures by Dr. McGuckin and his team with no problems. He and his team are not only professional, but caring as well, treating me as a person and not just a patient. If you want top notch treatment Dr. McGuckin is the one to see!

    - Ronald D.
  • Dr. McGuckin is great! He has done so much for me. He is a great doctor and I am still walking thanks to him!

    - Bonnie W.
  • My husband is diabetic and his legs were blocked where he could barely walk. Other doctors said there was nothing they could do. Dr. McGuckin is amazing. It has been over a year now since Dr. McGuckin treated my husband and he is doing great!

    - Brenda B.

Welcome to Pennsylvania Vascular Institute

Welcome! The team at Pennsylvania Vascular Institute are pleased to welcome you to our office. 

At Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, our physicians offer effective and individualized treatments to correct a host of vascular medical conditions. Our board-certified physicians have broad experience in endovascular therapies and specialize in treating these conditions on a daily basis.

We know how hectic life can be and we are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible. And we want you to feel confident that when you choose Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, you're working with a total care team who are qualified, experienced and caring. Our team always takes time with you to explain your condition, treatment options, and the procedure you will be receiving and are committed to your comfort throughout the entire process. We are the leading partners in Vascular Care!

We invite you to email our office at any time to request an appointment or ask any questions.

Pennsylvania Vascular Institute

Meet the Doctor

  • James F. McGuckin, MD, FSIR
    James F. McGuckin, MD, FSIR
    Founder & Medical Director, Pennsylvania Vascular Institute

    Dr. James F. McGuckin is an Interventional Radiologist with a vision of providing enhanced patient care through clinical excellence and unparalleled service.  Dr. McGuckin specializes in vascular disorders, using first-line minimally invasive treatment options in a safe and friendly outpatient setting.  These treatment therapies include preservation and continued function of dialysis access, all vascular issues related to the lower extremities including venous disorders, peripheral arterial disease, and limb preservation, recanalization of central venous occlusions, and arterial embolization. He routinely uses the most expedient and safest access via a wrist artery to treat his patients leading to a rapid recovery in a sitting position and less than a two-hour discharge post-procedure.

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