What is Vascular Screening?

Dealing with vascular disease can be difficult and strenuous, but there are ways that you can catch vascular disease early and save your life. There is a simple and painless screening that can be done, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vascular system is healthy and taken care of. Dr. James McGuckin at Pennsylvania Vascular Institute in King of Prussia, PA, can explain what a vascular screening is and how it can save your life.

How a Vascular Screening Can Help You

A vascular screening from your doctor in King of Prussia, PA, will check your vascular system for any signs of disease and will make sure that your veins and arteries are working as they should. Your doctor will perform an ultrasound in a few different areas throughout your body to check on your veins and ensure there are no blocks or risks of disease. They’ll check your neck, abdomen, ankles, and arms, as well as an overall look at your veins to check for any blockages.

You’ll work with your doctor to determine what your risk of vascular disease is and whether you need to get a screening. If you have a family history of cardiac disease, heart attack, or stroke, or have diabetes, a regular screening is necessary to make sure that any signs of disease are caught early.

The test is painless and easy and non-invasive. You won’t have to worry about undressing or getting blood drawn and the test will be over before you even realize it.

Contact Your Doctor Today!

If you might be at risk for vascular disease, it’s important to get a screening as soon as possible. Contact Dr. James McGuckin at Pennsylvania Vascular Institute in King of Prussia, PA, to find out if a vascular screening is necessary for you. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (800) 296-9294.

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