Limb Salvage

When you’re dealing with a severe issue in a limb, such as a tumor or wound, you might be worried that the severity of the issue will automatically point to an amputation. In the past, it would have required an amputation if the risk was too great, but technology has improved over the years and there are other options available. There are ways to correct certain issues and remove malignant tumors without automatically needing to remove the limb. Your doctor may be able to salvage your limb if you’re dealing with trauma or issues like tumors that could be affecting the functionality and health of your body.

Salvaging a Limb

When it comes to dealing with an injury or growth on a limb, it can be scary to not know how exactly to deal with an issue. Your doctor can work with you and talk you through the process of salvaging a limb and possibly even restoring functionality to the limb. There are ways to treat the cause of certain issues without having to resort directly to amputation.

For certain issues, your doctor may first recommend medication. It depends on what issues you’re dealing with, but medication is usually the first option for treatment. This can help treat an issue from within and lower your risk of any complications.

When medication doesn’t work on its own, surgery may be needed. Your doctor can remove the damaged area while leaving the rest of the limb intact. This helps remove the damaged tissue and stops it from spreading throughout your body.

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Amputation isn’t always the answer. There are ways to salvage a damaged limb and keep your body fully intact. Contact your doctor at Pennsylvania Vascular Institute in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Bethlehem, and East Stroudsburg, PA, for more information today at 800-296-9294

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