"A few days after a laminectomy surgery in February 2018, while in the hospital, I developed a DVT blood clot. I was told the DVT was provoked by the back surgery due to a condition I was born with called May -Thurner syndrome. After two failed treatments to dissolve the clot and a failed stent procedure, the vascular doctors treating me said there was nothing more they could do. I was distraught and prayed. Thankfully,  God led me to Pennsylvania Vascular Institute. I thank God for the doctors there. They performed a stent procedure and it worked! I now have blood flow again! My deep thanks to all the staff at PA Vascular Institute. You have all been wonderful! " 
Derrick J

"Love this place! Have helped me so much and really care for their patients! Would recommend this to anyone! "
die T 

"Dr. McGuckin is a consummate professional. His upbeat manner and extensive knowledge base breed confidence in anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him."
–Rob C

"I was very active and did a lot of walking and fishing. First thing I noticed was my legs ached when I would walk. I had to stop and rest every time I went 30 or 40 feet. I didn’t know what the problem was. This aching went on for about 2 years and get worse. I knew something was wrong and went to my family doctor who referred me to Dr. McGuckin. Dr. McGuckin said that I would need an ultrasound on both of my legs to look inside my arteries. The test showed my arteries were clogged. Since my procedure, my legs are getting stronger. If I could talk to someone who had these symptoms, I would tell them not to wait, see Dr. McGuckin."
-Michael, P

It was a miracle because I had no hope and thought I was going to lose my leg. Dr. McGuckin cleared his schedule and added me on as an emergency surgery to do a procedure, as he said one of my arteries was blocked. He said by doing this procedure he would be able to save my leg. He is the “leg saver”, he prevented me from having an amputation and now I can walk pain free and still have my leg."      -John R

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